Sigma Kappa



Fall Newsletter from Grace Ann Thompson- VPAR

Hey Ladies! I hope everyone is enjoying the Fall season. Beta Xi is having a great school year so far. Our Chapter had a very successful recruitment led by our Vice President of Membership Marissa Higgins. On Bid Day we had 29 new girls run home.  It had a very fun Grease theme. On September 30th, we had a program led by our Vice President of Programming, Abby Holland, where one of our very own Alumna, Ruchee Patel, gave a talk. (for more on the talk look at second page)

    This year we restarted the annual tradition of the Ultra Violet Chili Cook Off. Our Vice President of Philanthropic Services Lindsey Grill did a fabulous job hosting that. On October 20th we had a nursing home visit at The Village at Primary Place. The same day we had big/little reveal, led by our Vice President of New Member Education, Shelley Stafford. Next we had Initiation on the same day as The Walk to End Alzheimer’s, thanks to all the alumnae that came out to support. Finally last weekend we had Founder’s Day lunch at Pete and Sam’s which in the end had a pretty good turn out. We had a new award presented to our President, Brianna Frost, called the Annual Beta Xi Violet Award. Our semester has been packed and we were so glad so see alumnae come to our event. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. I know the thing we are most thankful is our Sigma Kappa Sisterhood!

An article from Ruchee Patel on how Sigma Kappa has helped her in the real world.

Many times during our college years in Sigma Kappa, we get caught up in rules and details without stepping back to look at the big picture.  

When I was in college, sorority meeting night was a fashion parade, a steady stream of women in "formal meeting attire" from every corner of campus.  As young women do, we judged outfits and picked on each for dress code infractions.  We complained about and compared the different attire policies of each chapter in the campus bubble.  Dismissing everything as silly rules or social status.

On the first day of my first "adult job" I dressed in ironed khaki pants, sweater twinset, and pearls.  After an orientation on office policies, my new boss informed me that she thought I was dressed perfectly "since we get to dress casually on Fridays." I WAS FLOORED.  I grinned and nodded politely, but inside my mind, OMG!  I had never thought of dress code as something important IRL.  

Even though it's been almost two decades since my initiation, I still fondly have those Sigma Kappa "a-ha" moments when I know that I'm prepared and ready for everything.